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Show Notes for "Case File #04: The Pain in the Heart"

In the fourth episode of Squint Squad, Crystal & Logan discuss the Season 3 finale, "The Pain in the Heart". We also discuss the conclusion of the Gormogon storyline, what's coming up in season 4, and how it may affect the characters. Also included is what we plan for Squint Squad over the summer. Visit our subforum hosted by Starkville's House of El at http://houseofel.informe.com/index.php. You can subscribe to our feed by searching for 'Squint Squad' in your iTunes store, or by visiting http://bonespodcast.mypodcast.com  You can email us at bonespodcast@gmail.com Thanks for listening! 

http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/797923 is the Aussie announcement about the Season 2 dvd box set
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