Squint Squad, a "Bones" podcast! (bonespodcast) wrote,
Squint Squad, a "Bones" podcast!

Logan and Crystal Guest Host SHoE #96!!

Hey Squinters.

You remember that Smallville related surprise we told you about in Case File #13? Well, it's up and ready to go!

Crystal and I (Logan) guest hosted Episode 96 of Starkville's House of El!

The episode is entitled "(S)hero" and you can find all the info you need on it at: www.smallvillepodcast.com

You can listen to it through the website or search for them on iTunes and listen that way.

I personally would suggest searching for and downloading the AAC version on iTunes.

If you're fans of us and a fan of Smallville or just a fan of us...go check it out! You can shoot Derek and Steve (the regular hosts of SHoE) an e-mail and tell them what you thought or you can shoot us an e-mail and tell us what you thought.

Starkville's House of El has long been one of our favorite podcasts and we would love for you guys to get into it as well. If you like Smallville I highly suggest subscribing and joining the SHoEligan community!

Crystal and I had a lot of fun filling in for the guys, and want to give them a huge thank you for giving us the priveledge of talking about Smallville and Comic books in general!
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